EU-China Environmental Governance Programme

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There are 15 grant-based Partnership Projects in which European entities work together with local governments in different parts of China in order to introduce and test new ideas on environmental governance. The European partners include: NGOs, academic institutions and consulting companies. The Chinese partners include: local municipalities and Environmental Protection Bureaus; academic institutions, national associations and NGOs and industrial entities.These projects are normally for a duration of two years. A list of the projects is given in the table below and which are based upon the four themes:

- Public access to environmental information 
- Public participation in environmental consultation and decision making
- Access to justice in environmental matters
- Proactive engagement of the private sector in sustainable practices

The results, outcomes and activities of the Partnership Projects are brought to a platform of the Ministry of Environment through: A Partnership Projects Advisory Board; an Annual National Conference; Policy Documents and training programmes and seminars. 

The implications of the Partnership Projects from a policy perspective are discussed within the Ministry of Environment in consideration of options and possibilities of modification of current policies, replication in other areas of China or carrying out further studies. More info: