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Specific Operational Mechanisms and Practices for Public articipation

2015/8/25 16:18:57

This report is on specific operational mechanisms and practices for public participation in environmental planning and assessments.It is a compilation of the most up-to-date international resources on methods and practices for successful  public  participation  in  environmental planning  and  assessments. The  study  presents  an  overview  of techniques and methodologies for public participation applied in environmental planning and assessments, and five  relevant methods  for high level of public participation are  discussed in more detail. The report also introduces the role and methods of peaceful public protests as ecessary mechanisms of  public  participation  for  effective  environmental  governance.  

Finally, the study concludes with a summary of the lessons learned and possible relevance for the Chinese context.  Five  ecommendations  for  enhancement  of  China’s  public participation  processes  through  the application of the methods introduced by this report are provided: First, initiating  transfer and adaptation of the methods to the Chinese context. Second, carrying  out capacity building for local Chinese planning and environmental authorities.  Third,  building  up  a  pool  of  skilled  facilitators  familiar with the  participatory methods.  Fourth,  implementing  out  local  pilot  projects involving  communities  in  environmental  planning through  the  use  of  the methods.  Fifth,  carrying  out  high-level  stakeholder  processes  on  national  and provincial level on future environmental issues and emerging technologies. Full Report ReadingMechanisms and Practices for Public Participation -en.pdf

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