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Report on Environmental Damage Assessment Methodologies

2014/8/25 16:10:02

This is one of the  “Comparative  Policy and Practice” Study  Series undertaken by EU-China Environmental Governance Programme(EGP). Liability for damage caused to public natural resources including wild animals and plants, habitats, water, and  land  by  faulty  or negligent  operators  is  subject  of  interest  of  environmentally  aware  public in  the European Union (EU). The Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) of 2004 is a framework for preventing and remedying such damage. 

Selected  case  studies  from  the  EU  Member  States  document  practical  examples for  assessment  of environmental damage. Two studies from  Spain  illustrate (1) the toxic spill damaging the Doñana National Park,  and  (2)  compensation  measures  used  in road projects.  They  present  application  of  the  value equivalency approach for damage compensation, and describe implementation of compensation measures, respectively. A case study from the Czech Republic demonstrates which  metrics can be used to document damage  to ecological  functions,  and  how  to  perform  equivalency  analysis  to  calculate environmental liabilities in a landscape affected by coal mining. Ecological failure of remediation measures is shown using the example of the development of the Airbus facility in a protected area in Germany. For full report: Environmental Damage Assessment -en.pdf

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