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International Seminar on Environmental Liability Insurance

2015/8/16 15:02:50

14 July 2015, The Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy (PRCEE) and EU – China Environmental Governance Programme (MEP) jointly organized a workshop on Environmental Liability Insurance and Ecological Environmental Damage Compensation. This is the third workshop for EGP in the subject since 2014. 

There are about 40 participants in this workshop including Mr. BIE Tao, Deputy Director-General, Department of Policy and Law, MEP; Mr. YUAN Qingdan, Director of EU – China Environmental Governance Programme, Deputy Director-General of PRCEE; Mr. SHAO Yunzhou, Vice General-manager, PICC; Mr. LI Jianmin, Vice Genreal-manager, Pingan Insurance Group together with officials and experts from the environmental protection sector. Mr. Scott FULTON, (Former General Counsel of US EPA)and other International experts from well-know law firms attended the workshop. The two sides developed in-depth talks and communications about environmental liability insurance. Topics cover: 

1. Case study of environmental liability insurance indemnities for environmental pollution damages
2. Damage and remediation of contaminated sites in environmental liability insurance
Please introduce with cases if environmental liabilities covers environmental remediation costs, how to underwrite the liability, how to conduct early stage risk assessments, rate of insurance premium and etc.
3. Should environmental liability insurance cover ecological and environmental damage and how 
4. Government regulation on environmental liability insurance market 
5. The contents, index system and application of international environmental credit evaluation system 
6. International experiences in financial guarantees for environmental risk or catastrophe/major 

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