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EGP Seminar on Environment and Trade & Investment

2015/6/29 11:09:00

On 26th May 2015, the EGP held a seminar on Environment and Trade & Investment in Beijing. It was organized at the request of Ministry of Environmental Protection International Cooperation Department. The event was quite helpful to built trust and mutual understanding to set the basis for better environmental provisions in bilateral trade and investment agreements between the EU and China. 

Key environmental issues in international trade and investment as below were discussed : 
(i) Environmental Provisions. In trade/investment agreements, environmental provisions are set to protect the environment. How to include environmental provisions in international trade and investment agreements to better balance environmental interests and economic interests? 
(ii) Market Access. i.e., trade liberalization should be promoted for environmental products and services in trade agreements. As environmental-friendly products, to expand market access and to achieve trade liberalization for products of this kind will be an effective tool to realize the balance between environment and trade. 
(iii) Environmental Impact Assessments. Trade and investments exert impacts on environment. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct environmental impact assessment before signing a trade agreement. With EIA in advance, potential environmental risks and possible remediation measures can be identified so as to minimize the negative environmental effects brought by trade. 

Over 50 participants attended this seminar, which includes officials from MEP International Cooperation Department; officials from other relevant ministries and PRCEE officials and experts (iv) EU experts in environment and trade, also consultant, researcher and industry representatives,

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