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EGP Workshop for “Incorporating EU Experience in China’s Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law”

2015/4/3 10:05:23

On 24th March 2015, a EU-China EGP seminar was held on the theme of “Incorporating EU Experience in China’s Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law” with senior officials from Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP) and from Legislative Affair Committee of National People’s Congress. The seminar aims to introduce EU experiences to contribute to the second revision of the New Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law. Selected experts invited by EGP include Ms. Vick Pollard, Environmental and Climate Counselor at EU Delegation to China and Mongolia, Ms. Marjan van Giezen, Deputy Director at Netherlands Ministry of Transport and Environment, Mr. Mikael Berglund, Partner with Froberg & Lundholm Law Firm, Ms. Margolzata Smolak (Gosia), ClientEarth Poland Energy Team Leader, Ms. Betty Ng, AEA Director International Business and Knowledge Leader for Air Quality Impact Assessments, and Mr. Robert Earley (Rob), Clean Air Asia Transport Program Manager.
The seminar was hosted by Mr. Bie Tao, deputy director-general of Policy and Law Department, MEP. Senior officials from MEP and NPC legislative Affair Committee attended the meeting to join the discussion. Presentations were prepared by the six experts on the themes of air law legislation and implementation experiences in EU, Sweden, Poland, Netherland and UK respectively. EU experiences in Transportation emissions were also introduced. Afterwards, the experts responded to the specific questions raised by NPC officials in the context of Chinese situation. In general, the seminar provided an effective platform for discussion between Chinese policy makers from NPC and MEP and was well received by participants from all sides. It contributed to the revision process of China’s Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law. 

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