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Environmental remediation project launched in Yingtan, Jiangxi

2014/11/2 11:05:57

The workshop on environment remediation and launching ceremony of the Second Pilot Site under EU China Environment Governance Programme – Demonstrating the Positive Impact of Public Participation in Environmental Remediation Process was successfully held on 22nd
October 2014 in Yingtan City of Jiangxi Province. Prof. Shen Renfang, Head of ISSCAS, Mr. Richard Hardiman, EGP Environment Governance Expert, and Mr. Gu Qing, Vice Mayor of YingTan Municipal Government attended the meeting together with other officials and representatives from related departments of the Yingtan government and Guixi government. 

The representatives provided advanced policy advice to the workshop, along with hopes and requirements of the project implementation from the perspectives of sciences & technologies promoting the environment remediation and social development, the strategic goals and requirements of EU,Environmental remediation project launched in Yingtan, Jiangxi and the local policy priority and practice respectively.

Representatives from ISSCAS, Blacksmith Institute UK, CRCPP made keynote presentations at the workshop concerning: the overall policy objectives and structure of the EGP programme; the design,implementation, experience, practice and sustainability of the Guixi
National Pilot Project; the work plan of the second pilot area, and the development, structure and main content of the land remediation public participation protocol. The leaders of the responsible government departments shared their policy, experience, practice, and
concerns for the environment, which served as valuable constructive guiding suggestions to the project work in Guixi. 

This seminar achieved its anticipated objective and laid a sound foundation for the work of next step. 

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