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On-line AQI Calculator to be ready by November 2014

2014/9/2 10:47:03

An air quality index (AQI) is a single number used to communicate complex technical information of a number of air pollutants. This makes it easier to communicate the level of air pollution. In 2012 a new Chinese AQI was defined and is used by many cities to communicate to the public the status of the air quality. During the past few years, particularly during periods of heavy pollution, there has been much discussion in the press over the differences between the Chinese AQI compared to other AQI’s which are calculated in a different way. To help make people aware of the difference between the various AQI’s available AirInform has made an online AQI calculator that compares the old and new Chinese AQI, and a number of other AQI’s (US, RAQI, HK AQHI, etc.).
This interactive educative tool enables the public to ‘play’ with the values, increasing their awareness of AQI’s and their differences. It demonstrates quiet simply that there is not one single AQI. This tool Figure 1 Screenshot of the AirINFORM on-line AQI Calculator shall be made available in early November on the AirINFORM website:(

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