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PSC Meeting for EGP Held in Beijing

2014/12/18 14:13:29

EU- China Environmental Governance Programme held its 5th Project Steering Committee meeting on 8th December 2014 in Beijign. Ms. LUO Yu, First Secretary, Dept. of International Trade & Economic Affairs, MOFCOM and  Mr. Lars GRONVALD Head of Operations, DEU co – chaired the meeting. 

This PSC meeting was held with regard to approval of the 4th Annual Work Plan (AWP4) of the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme. The AWP4 was revised in particular in respect to the additional information that this would be the last year of the programme and a further extension was not possible. 

A presentation on summary of AWP3 and an updated version of AWP4 was introduced by the team leader, Mr. Dimitri de Boer, with a focus on the exit strategy and post-programme sustainability for the EGP programme. The environmental governance expert, Mr. Richard Hardiman summarised the status of the partnership project policy reports and presented an outline of the Policy Synthesis Report (PSR). 

Discussions followed the presentations and guidance to AWP4 was provided by the Project Steering Committee. The PSC approved AWP4 on the condition that the comments provided would be reflected in AWP4, final agreement to the 4th Annual Work Plan (AWP4) is expected to be given in the following weeks. 

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