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EU - China seminar on environmental justice held in Beijing

2014/11/5 12:55:30

On 29th Sept., 2014, an EU - China seminar on Environmental Justice was held by EGP together with senior Chinese policy makers.The seminar invited several European experts on environmental justice to discuss in depth environmental public interest litigation and environmental damage assessment system. The seminar was attended by officials from National People’s Congress, Supreme People’s Court and MEP and included senior offi cials from: the Office of Administrative Policy and Law; Legislative Affairs Committee; NPC Standing Committee; Environmental Tribunal; Supreme People’s Court; Department of Policy and Law, MEP; PRCEE, and EU experts in environmental law.

During the seminar, Mr. James Thornton, founder and CEO of the Client Earth, Mr. Luc Lavrysen, Judge of the Constitutional Court of Belgium, and Mr. Christoph Sobotta, Chambers of Advocate General of the‘Juliane Kokott Court’ introduced experiences and challenges,citing specific cases concerning environmental public interest litigation, from the perspective of NGOs, Belgium Council of State and EU Courts of Justice.

The afternoon session was featured by an open but focused discussion amongst stakeholders participating in the meeting. Experts of EGP partnership projects from GIZ, IVL and CUPL, as well as Chief Judge Luo Guangqian, from Guiyang Qingzhen Environmental Tribunal (the
first environmental tribunal in China) answered specific questions posed by offi cials from NPC and SPC presented at the seminar.

In general, the seminar provided an effective platform for discussion between Chinese policy makers from NPC, SPC and MEP and was well received by participants from all sides.

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