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EGP media conference in Beijing

2014/12/4 17:44:56

21st November 2014,EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) held its annual media conference in Beijing. Over 50 representatives from media and EGP partners participated. Mr. Jia Feng, Director of EEC MEP; Dr. Wang Hua, Chief Expert, PRCEE and Mrs. Xu Nan, Chief Editor of China Dialogue, each gave an in-depth presentation in their specialty in the morning. Their speeches are very welcome and generated hot discussions. 

A few topics were talked, from the complex environmental situations, the changing roles on media and the media responsibility and participation in environmental governance. 6 local partnership projects attended the workshop and 3 of them showed their achievements. The whole event was very successful and well-commented by the media partners and the local PP colleagues. 

EGP organized this event to think and promote on multi-stakeholder environmental governance. To look for the channel on how media can help to build the communications mechanism among governmental bodies, enterprises and public citizens in a more constructive way.

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