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EGP was Invited to Regulation on Public Participation in Environmental Protection in Hebei

2014/5/7 22:40:08

On April 22nd, invited by the “regulation on public participation in environmental protection in Hebei” legislative panel, Standing Committee of the Hebei NPC, the EGP team attended its legislative seminar on the theme. Other participants include officials from Ministry of Environmental Protection, Standing Committee of the Hebei NPC and from Hebei Environmental Protection Bureau, as well as experts from China University of Political Science and Law, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Normal University, and Development Research Center of the State Council. Representatives from GIZ, Shandong EPB, Shanxi EPB, Zhejiang EPB and NGOs also joined the seminar.

“Hebei faces serious environmental protection challenges due to its unique location and industrial structure, and its citizens has strong demand and motivation in public participation in environmental decisions”, said Mr. Wang Zengli, deputy secretary of Party Committee, Standing Committee of the Hebei NPC during the seminar, “therefore it is necessary to lead the public to be involved in orderly and rational public participation. It is the key way to further enhance environmental protection in Hebei. ” The standing committee of the Hebei NPC has now put the formulation of the Regulation on Public Participation in Environmental Protection in Hebei into its 2014 legislative plan and set it as this year’s  working priority. The legislation is going to define public’s basic right of participation in environmental protection, the respective responsibility of the government and the public in environmental protection, the scope, content, channel, ways and procedures of public participation as well as legal liabilities for those who violate the regulation.
Mr. Dimitri de Boer, team leader of EGP, gave a brief introduction on the EU-China programme during the seminar. The EGP share the theme of public participation as one of its four core themes. Mr. de Boer also introduced some EU experiences and practices in public participation. The seminar marked a start of the cooperation between EGP and the legislative panel. The EGP would try his best to contribute to the formulation of the Regulation on Public Participation in Environmental Protection in Hebei. 

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