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EGP 1st Policy Implications Dialogue Seminars for Partnership Projects Held in Beijing

2014/4/24 16:53:49

On Apr. 16th, 2014, EGP held its first Policy Implications Dialogue Seminars for Partnership Projects on the theme of Corporate Environmental Responsibility with lot 4 partnership projects in Beijing. This Lot 4 project “Improving Corporate Environmental Information Disclosure in Zhejiang and Shanxi Province through promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility “operated by GIZ, the GIZ team were invited to the seminar to present their policy findings to officials and experts from Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) for their comments and advice. Other partnership projects under Lot4 also participated in the discussion with MEP to gain a better understanding on MEP’s needs and demands in the area. Moderated by Dimitri de Boer the team leader of EGP, 26 representatives from MEP and EGP local Partnership Projects attended the seminar.


Officials and Experts from MEP were content with the GIZ project and provided some specific suggestions for its future development. They find the project innovatively-structured with stakeholders from a broad range of sectors involved including from economic sectors. Regarding the policy outcomes, the “Cooperate environmental information disclosure guideline” compiled by the project was very solid and practical, though it would be better appreciated if more options of policy recommendations with detailed analysis could be provided for reference for the MEP officials. The project also invested intensive efforts in local capacity building work and conducted effective cooperation with local authorities. The MEP is expecting to see its revised policy recommendations after collecting feedbacks regarding the “guideline” from pilot enterprise.


Other Partnership Projects under Lot4 also briefly introduced their respective progress and outcomes.  

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