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EGP First media workshop in 2014 held in Beijing

2014/4/8 15:11:49

On March 27th, EU-China Environmental Governance Programme held its first media work shop in 2014 in Beijing. 19 reporters and editors from 16 media press, as well as 23 experts and representatives from EGP Central and Local component participated in the workshop. 

Mr. Jiafeng, director-general of CEEC, MEP attended the workshop and shared his experiences and expectations on environmental reports with presented media representatives. The workshop was moderated by Ms. Zhanghuijun, visibility expert of the programme and was opened by Mr. Dimitri De Boer, the new team leader with a brief introduction of the programme progress and its work plan of the year. 

In the first session, EGP took the opportunity to present its progress from both central and local components. Representatives from partnership projects including Improving Corporate Environmental Information Disclosure in Zhejiang/Shanxi, Improving Access to Environmental Justice in Guizhou, Developing Regional PRTR Pilot in Tianjin, Development of Hubei Air Quality Information and Early Warning System as well as Public Participation Model in Zhejiang demonstrated their respective progress and outcome to the media partners. 

The second session was held as a media consultation on the theme of challenge and expectation from journalists in environmental reporting. During this session Mr. Jiafeng, media representatives and the EGP team shared together their experiences and thoughts as well as their expectations on government and corporate information disclosure regarding environmental reporting. Further discussions were conducted on a broad range of issues such as application for disclosure of environmental information, green sustainable development, role of government, corporate, media and public in environmental governance, China’s incomparability in environmental resources against western countries, responsibility of media in environmental reporting and etc. The workshop hence provided a platform for the programme stakeholders from all sides to be able to communicate frankly and to understand better the demands of one another, and as a result, to contribute to the development of role of media in improving environmental governance in China. 

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