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Promoting Public Participation in EIA in Rizhao, Shandong

2014/3/13 17:18:30

On MARCH 7 and 8, 2014, One of the EGP local partnership project EURAC and CAEP  with local partner SAES held 2-days events in Rizhao on promoting public participation in EIA

The 1st day is a workshop, which was organised as supporting visibility activity for.enhancing public awareness and capability of participation. The PUBLIC_EIA Project Partners trained local volunteer and NGOs (Rizhao Environmental Protection Volunteer Association) by explaining public participation rights in EIA. Local participants from SAES,Rizhao Environmental Protection Volunteer Association,Rizhao Vocational Technical Institute, Rizhao Environmental Protection Volunteers Assciation(NGOs) and media representitives attended the workshop.

On the 2nd day, the PUBLIC_EIA Project team and volunteer distributed leaflets explaining the purpose of public participation in EIA procedures, introduced the sense, process, modalities, objectives of public participation in the EIA, offered guidance to the public on how to participate more effectively in EIA3 procedures. The people who joined this activity are the resident around Qinlou Town in exurban area and the peddler in the bazaar, with less knowledge of environmental protection and public participation in EIA than urban inhabitants. And many project constructors in town were involved. Thus, this activity supports the local effectiveness of the EIA public participation.


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