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EGP First Working Meeting in 2014 Held

2014/2/27 14:16:06

On Feb. 18th 2014, EGP held its first working meeting on further improvement of the programme’s 3rd Annual Work Plan at MEP Policy Research Center for Environment and Economics (PRCEE) since the Dec.3rd Project Steering Committee meeting last year. Core members of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) attended the meeting, including Mr. Tu Ruihe, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Cooperation, MEP (Executive Chair of PSC), Ms. Luo Yu, First Secretary of Department of International Trade & Economic Affairs, MOFCOM (Co-Chair of PSC), Ms. Huang Xueju, Project Officer from EU Delegation (Co-Chair of PSC), Mr. Yuan Qingdan, deputy director of MEP PRCEE (Project Director) and Ms. Li Jingyun, Deputy Director of Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations, MEP( member of PSC).  Dr. Yu Hai, the project executive director moderated the meeting, and other staffs from Project Task Force (PTF) and Project Support Force (PSF) were all present at the meeting.
Governance in 2009 when the programme was first designed was only an advanced concept in line with the general direction of China’s system reform. Along with continuous progress of Chinese society, it is until recent years after the CPC’s Third Plenary Session where Governance System Modernization involving multi-participation was put forward as a reform target. Currently, a great amount of work regarding environmental governance has been carried out, making it the pioneer in China’s overall reform towards modernization. MEP hence now attaches great importance to EGP. 
As the first meeting after the change of project personnel, the meeting opens a new page for the project. During the meeting the PSC members stressed their hope for more influential outcomes from EGP that meet expectations from both EU and China. The project should concentrate its efforts on certain key issues to introduce EU experiences to China, as well as to update China’s progress to EU. Afterwards, the new Team Leader Dimitri de Boer presented the revised Annual Work Plan (AWP) to the PSC members for comments.
The PSC members find the new AWP meet demands from MEP but further improvements could be made. On the local level, more interactions with PP are encouraged to extract their successful experiences while on the central level, studies should be conducted in line with MEP demands. Translation of key relevant publications from both EU and China are welcomed to support two-way communications. In order to raise impact of the project and to realize synergies with other projects and activities, visibility work of the project should be sustainable and targeted.

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