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Roundtable meeting on EIA practises in Lincang

2014/1/24 16:39:38

“Regulating and promoting public participation in Environmental Impact Assessment in selected pilot Provinces and Municipalities” - Roundtable meeting on EIA practises in Lincang 


Roundtable meetings on EIA practises hold in Lincang with series of dissemination activities by EURAC and CAEP in partnership with YIES from  14-18 January 2014, which is one of the local partnership projects of EU-China Environmental Governance Programme.


Participants include EIA practioners in Lincang, governmental officials, private businessmen, freelances. 150 Project leaflet and gadgets were distributed as well. And the whole event was recorded and will be reported on Yunnan People’s Radion Station, Colorful Yunnan Web, and website of Yunnan Environmental Protection Department and Yunnan Provincial Government and project webpage.
Through the distribution of project leaflets the public involved understood the concept of EIA and the meaning and methods of public participation in EIA. They are now aware of the importance of positive attitude and right channels for participation, as well of the importance and need of public participation in EIA. The importance and need of the public participation in EIA, the methods, opportunities, channels, and rights of public in EIA process were emphasized in the public event.

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