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Policy Dialogue Seminar of EGP Held in Beijing

2013/12/2 11:25:03

November 26, 2013, the Policy Dialogue seminar of EU Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) held in Beijing, Li Jingyun, Section Chief of Department of Policy and Legal Affairs from the Ministry of Environmental Protection; Huang Miao, deputy Section Chief of the European Department in the International Department from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Tang Yaping Section Chief of the Division of EIA from the Ministry of Environmental Protection attended and listened to the reports on "mechanism for public participation" and "environmental court mechanisms" relevant policy recommendations, gave feedback and shared thoughts. The seminar concluded fruitfully in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Experts from EGP had further understanding on the needs and ideas from the relevant departments of the Ministry of Environmental Protection , which is very helpful for the study and training work in the following two years of EGP.


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