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Strengthening Environmental Governance in Small Coal Mining Industry in Shaan Xi

2013/11/22 15:22:25

‘The fundamental issues that have caused the ineffective environmental governance and lacks of accountability among the government agencies to engage small coal mines to incorporate sustainable practices, proactively undertake pollution prevention projects to improve their environmental performance are due to lack of knowhow, best practices and experience’, revealed by our research and consultations with representatives from: Pollution Prevision Division and Law Enforcement Division of Shaan Xi Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Shaan Xi Provincial Academy of Environmental Science, and Bao Ji, Xian Yang, Wei Nan, Tong Chuan, Yan An and Yu Li City Environmental Protection Bureaus. Therefore, a joint decision was made to focus on the demonstration of international best practices as one of the top priorities of this action and added a study tour to the UK to gain first hand knowledge and know how on how to engage small coal mines to improve their environmental performance through effective environmental governance and incentive schemes.

To further improve the capacity of local government agencies develop environmental performance indicators (EPI) for effective environmental compliance enforcement, monitoring and evaluation of SCM’s environmental performance; effectively engage small coal mines to corporate social and environmental responsibilities and sustainable practices into every stage of mine planning and operation; and to develop communication strategies to report environmental data to the public, we will undertake the first session of institutional capacity building will be organised from 23rd – 27th September and the first forum will be organised from 14th and 15th October 2013.
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