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Project Investigation to Hunan Chenzhou on Arsenic Remediation

2013/9/1 10:16:25

Project Investigation to Hunan Chenzhou on Arsenic Remediation (submitted by Blacksmith Initiative UK, EGP PP Lot 2 )
Project Delegation went to pilot in Hunan for interim investigation

July 19, 2013, the project delegation went to project field Chenzhou to have the interim investigation.

The delegation is composed of technical expert Mr. Alan Gagnet and Blacksmith staff Dr. Sun Xuebing, Wang Leyan, IGSNRR’s staff Dr. Liao Xiaoyong, Yan Xiulan, Yang Xiaohong, Lin Longyong and CRCPP’s staff Lu Feifei. It is the first of two pilots that will be used to demonstrate
public participation.Government officials from Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee, Chenzhou Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Land and Resources of Chenzhou, Chenzhou EPB, Chenzhou Agricultural Bureau, United Front Work Department of Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee, and United Front Work Department of Hunan Province met with the delegation and had a formal discussion meeting. These officials introduced the natural and historical overviews, and social economic situations, and the endeavors the government has engaged in the environment protection and ecological remediation process. They emphasized their environment remediation projects, the status quo of public participation and the problems and challenges of tackling the pollution problem.

The delegation presents this EU-funded project and explains its goal and method. By application of a public participation protocol in the pilot, some positive remediation effectiveness is expected. Alan introduced the role of public participation in the environmental remediation process in US and its positive impact.

In the afternoon, the official representatives and the project delegation visited the pilot site in Dengjiatang, Suxian District of Chenzhou city. It is the first of two pilots that will be used to demonstrate public participation. In Deng Jia Tang, 20 hectares of farmland was deserted in January 2000 after an industrial accident released arsenic into the village. The plan in Deng Jia Tang is to use phytoremediation techniques to remove arsenic from the soil. Some indoor investigation is made by meeting with the villager representatives in their house. The delegation investigated the channels and effectiveness of the public participation of the local community in the pollution remediation process by talking and interviewing with the representatives.


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