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ASC Tilapia Standard Takes One Step Close to Chinese Tilapia Producers

2013/7/11 16:13:58

On June 28, 2013, one of the EGP local Partnership Projects - CAPPMA together with WWF has invited ASC to give a training course to the first bunch of Chinese companies applying for ASC tilapia certification. Since November 2012 the first bunch of Chinese companies applying for ASC tilapia certification has been announced, CAPPMA has finished the translation of ASC tilapia standard, auditor manual and ASC good aquaculture operation three documents in May under the positive communication with ASC. After thoughtful preparation, the training to Chinese tilapia producers has been held on June.

During one day training course, all 7 applying companies have sent representatives to participate in the training. At the same time, experts from Stirling University, Fish Vet Group, Shanghai Ocean University, Beijing Biotech Corporation and EU commercial company have all contributed their knowledge and experience to the producers. In order to keep every participants have better understanding to the ASC tilapia standard and certification process, CAPPMA has provided interpret to most English contents.

The training can be mainly separated into four parts. Firstly, the applying companies should have a comprehensive recognize to the standard. By this, trainers introduced total 7 principles in the standard and summarized the most important indicators during auditing. Tilapia farms may have a sufficient preparation before they apply certification if this part knowledge can be controlled. Secondly, the ASC officer made a clear expound of the applying process. The companies can control the progress of their certification and understand the necessary of certification. Thirdly, industrial expert Dr. Zheng shared his experience on how the implement the standards. The showings of operation model excel and case analysis all achieved good response from respective. Finally, combined with Chinese tilapia farming situation, the participants present their concerning questions. From assessment index to the asking of certification progress, the enthusiasm of Chinese tilapia farms to the high international sustainable certification shows not only the willingness of Chinese aquaculture to promote sustainable development level, but also reflects the strong requirement to expand international market. 

The training workshop to Chinese tilapia producers is an important step of greening the Chinese tilapia supply chain. It marks the improvement of Chinese tilapia industry from both techniques to idea lay. On the way of Chinese aquaculture joining into international standards, we hope this activity can provide benefits to wide Chinese tilapia producers. At the same time, we hope the model of tilapia can be introduced into more species to lead their sustainable development. China as the biggest developing country, its figure on aquaculture must give more influence to the sustainable operation of other developing countries.


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