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EGP Annual Media Workshop

2013/5/21 8:42:58

On Thursday 16 May 2013, more than 20 environmental reporters as well as representatives from EGP local PPs attended the 2nd EGP media workshop at Peanuts Café in Beijing. During the workshop, 4 PP representatives presented their respective project progress to the reporters, followed by Q& A session and free discussions.
Most of the reporters presented have participated in the Program’s National Conference on March 21st and had good knowledge regarding the objective of the program and its 15 PPs. Hence, they came to the workshop with questions and advice to discuss with the EGP team from both the central and the local level
The workshop achieved sufficient and effective communication between both sides. It also allowed better media cooperation in the future and increased the visibility of the program.
After the workshop, media reported the event from different perspectives. Besides, a beneficial and interactive relationship for further communications between media and PPs has been established.

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