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15 EU granted partnership projects have been approved

2012/12/12 16:29:00

15 EU granted partnership projects (PPs) have been approved


A key milestone of EGP Component 1 was reached towards the end of November with the announcements of the award of the remaining “Partnership Projects” which brings to  15 the total number of successful grant applicants and projects.  These mostly provincially implemented projects are managed directly by the EU donor with participation of the EGP team to ensure adequate coordination between EGP Components 1 and 2.


Public launch of a number of earlier awarded PPs has been taking place duringthe last two months of 2012 and have been attended by senior representatives and managers of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the EU, EGP and the PP lead applicants and  partners.  The implementation of these demonstration projects and the dissemination and analysis of their outcomes and lessons‑learned are a key contribution to the EGP’s “Made in China” approach to assisting in the development of environmental governance policy in the core themes of its activities.

EGP PPs simple version 2-en.pdf

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