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Corporate Environmental Responsibility Training in Tianjin

2012/11/13 11:23:54

On 2012 November 22nd-23rd, the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) "Comparative Policy and Practice" Training on Corporate Environmental Responsibility was held in Tianjin. Representatives and senior officials from Ministry of Environmental Protection, Delegation of European Union and Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) attended and addressed the training. About 60 delegates from provincial environmental protection bureaus, environmental institutions & NGOs from throughout the country participated in the training.

During the training, experts from both EU and China presented  EU practices and experiences in private sector’s voluntary approaches and instruments towards environmental management – as well as  examples of it proactive engagements in sustainable practices.  Current Chinese policies, incentives and practices in  these same fields were analyzed – including presentation of representative  case studies. Additionally, representatives from well-known enterprises introduce their experiences and lessons learned in applying Corporate Environmental Responsibility to their planning and operations. Through training presentations, interactions with experts and group discussions, the training produced several constructive policy recommendations on further promoting Corporate Environmental Responsibility in China.

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