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EGP 2nd training in 2012 on Environmental Justice

2012/10/29 15:17:36

On 25-26 October 2012, the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) implemented a training on "Comparative Policy and Practice" on its “Access to  Justice on Environmental Matters” core theme.  The activity was held in Kunming, Yunnan – with the participation of several representatives and senior officials from MEP EPB bureaus from throughout China.  The EU Delegation, national level MEP officials, KunMing Local Government – and from NGOs and the legal profession were also well represented at this event.  All provided very constructive and realistic examples of practices and issues in this field. Overall, about 90 delegates participated in the training.

During the training, experts from both EU and China presented examples of  EU experiences in Environmental Justice, Environmental Public litigation and Environmental Damage Assessment and Compensation, as well as analyzed current Chinese policies, regulations and practices in the subject with case studies. Through training presentations, interactions with experts and group discussions, the training produced several constructive recommendations on how to further improve Chinese laws and regulations on Environmental Justice.


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