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The First Training in 2012

2012/9/22 13:39:28

The EU-China Environmental Governance Programme ( EGP)  "Comparative Policy and Practice" Training on "Access to Environmental Information" and on "Public Consultation in Environmental Planning  and Decision Making” was hold in Beijing n 17-18 September 2012.  The over 80 attendees included 27 personnel from MEP Environmental Protection Bureaus from 25 Provinces in China – as well as representatives from a variety of NGOs, academia and institutions.
The training was opened by Madame LUO YU, of MOFCOM’s Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs – with further opening presentations by BIE Tao, Deputy Director General, Department of Policy and Law, MEP and by EGP’s EU Programme Manager, Maria-Chiara FEMIANO of the Delegation’s Cooperation and Development Section.

 Key presentations were delivered by EU and Chinese experts commissioned by the EGP to produce study reports on these two themes – including recommendations for improving environmental governance in these fields in China.  Training activities included break-out sessions of small discussion groups each tasked to “fine-tune” recommendations to ensure as much as possible that “Made in China” outputs were being formulated for consideration by senior environmental governance policy makers.  The basis of much of the EU experience that was reviewed were the three themes of the “Aarhus Convention” – from which 3 of EGP’s four core themes derive.  The Programme’s fourth theme can be summarized as “corporate responsibility towards the environment” – which was covered in a study and training presented later in the EGPs programme year.


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