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Policy Dialogue 2012

2012/8/8 13:31:44

Tuesday 17 July 2012, The EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) held the  first of  two  "Policy Dialogue Seminars" (PDS)  scheduled in its AWP1.  The subject of the seminar was “Enhancing Orderly Public Participation in Environmental Protection in China”.  This very focused event was held in Beijing. It was attended by a group of key senior personnel from MEP policy and regulation department, PRCEE communications and education center, a prominent local NGO very active in environmental legal issues – and representation from a higher national level committee responsible for drafting legislation regarding environmental resources.  Presentations were also delivered by two EGP experts covering public participation issues in both the China and the EU member states.

A very active and provocative debate was stimulated through the presentation of the various view points on the role of the public and the role of policy makers in formalizing such things as the public’s right to a healthy environment, access to a good life, economic development implications, absence of pollution,  and the right of public participation in environmental decision making.  The seminar participants concluded that China was in a transition phase identifying suitable measures and patterns for further improvement in these areas.  It also concluded that support to policy development of Chinese environmental governance instruments was essential and that the EGP is positioned to provide a very focused assistance in developing policy recommendations as part of this effort.


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