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2012/8/8 9:24:10

The EU-China Environmental Governance Programme provide for comprehensive visibility and communications activities to ensure wider dissemination of the programmes. The Promotion policy is engaged to share information with different stakeholders from different sectors and amongst the media play an important role in the process.

A media partner for us is for beyond an event coordinator but consulting and strategic partner on the whole programme communications strategy and implementations.

Reporters are interested in our work, please contact:

Ms ZHANG Huijun
Visibility and Communications Expert
EU-China Environmental Governance Programme
Add: Rm321, Building C. No 1 YuHuiNanLu,Chaoyang Distict
Beijing 100029, P.R. China
Tel: 86 10 84665319; Fax: 86 10 84665320
Website:; Weblog:

Some Media News about EGP: 

Report from Xinhua News about EGP Annual National Conference (Chinese)

Interview with Guizhou TV on Guiyang International Eco-forum (Chinese)

Report on EGP on Public Participation and Jiaxing Model (Chinese)

Interview with CCTV2 Dialogue  (Chinese)

Interview with Eco-Business (English)

Interview with CRI Easy Cafe (English) 

Importance of Environmental Information Disclosure and Public Participation (Chinese)

Reports on 1st Media Workshop 2014 by China Gate (English) 

Media Workshop Report by Ping Bao (Hongkong) 香港评报 (Chinese) 

Environmental Publia Participation featured with EGP by China Daily (English) 

EGP Training Workshop 2013 with Science Times (Chinese)

Media Workshop Report by GreenI 绿色消费网 (Chinese)

Video Reporting on EGP 2nd National Conference (Chinese)

2nd EGP National Conference with CSR-China and China Waters (Chinese)


Current Strategic Media Partners (listed in cooperation starting order)

 CRI Eco-online (

China Environment Protection Net

GreenTV (


Other Media Support (in alphabetical order)

China Daily

China Dialogue

China Energy Net

China Environment News

China Science Daily

China Water Net

Energy and Environment

Environment Education

Global Times (English version)

Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection

Yunnan Economy Daily






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