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EGP Videos

This section comprises a selection of videos from the EGP, both central and local levels. The central level videos include a short introduction to the EGP programme, and a short documentary on environmental governance in China, in the context of the 4 EGP themes.

There are also links to videos produced by local demonstration projects, illustrating their experience in promoting environmental governance at the local level.

EGP Short Introductory Video 2015

A two-minute video summarizing the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) under the four themes: Public access to environmental information; Public participation in environmental planning and decision making; Access to justice in environmental matters; Corporate environmental responsibility.

EGP Documentary Video 2015

The 20 minute film gives examples of how environmental governance is put into practice through four local partnership projects based upon EGP's four themes: environmental information disclosure, public participation, environmental justice and corporate environmental responsibility.

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