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Highlighted EGP Products

Below are the key knowledge products emerging from the 5 year implementation of the EU – China Environmental Governance Programme.

Policy Synthesis Report Executive Summary 2015

Executive summary of the EU – China Environmental Governance Programme’s comprehensive report of policy recommendations to the Chinese government, including progress, challenges and recommended upcoming priorities to further improvements to environmental information disclosure, public participation access to justice and corporate environmental responsibility.

EGP Brochure of Results and Achievements 2010-2015

A comprehensive overview and synopsis of EGP's key activities, results and outputs over its 5 year implementation period. It includes outputs from EGP's central level policy seminars, dialogues, policy studies and media activities. It also includes local project experience sheets which summarise their results, outputs and policy recommendations.

EGP Local Partnership Projects Results and Achievements 2015

This brochure consists of 15 files, one for each partnership project of the EGP. It summarizes the results and achievements for each local project, providing: background and description of the project; results and outcomes and the policy implications of the innovations tested.

Aarhus Convention Implementation Guide 2014

Translation by EGP

A comprehensive, convenient and user-friendly reference tool providing guideline for implementation of the Aarhus Convention based upon experience gained since adoption of the Aarhus Convention in 2001.

Environmental Protection Law of PRC 2014

Translation by EGP

The new Environmental Protection Law of China was passed on 24 April 2014 and was made effective 1 January 2015.

Supreme Court Interpretation for Environmental Public Interest Litigation 2015

Translation by ‘China Law Translate Community’

Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court of China regarding Public Interest Litigation considered in Articles 55 and 58 of the new Environmental Protection law (2014).

Documents available in Chinese only:

Policy Synthesis Report (Chinese language) 2015

A comprehensive policy report based upon the EGP's four themes: information disclosure, public participation access to justice and corporate environmental responsibility. The report analyses the current state of play of China's environmental policies and its challenges. It cites examples from European and other country’s environmental policy and recommendations for policy modification and better implementation.

EGP 5 Year Big Book (Chinese language) 2015

A historical and visual compilation of EGP activities 2011-2015.